Life is too short to regret,

Come forward and let’s introspect.

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Diary of a kid

Sitting on the benchI Kept ponderingWhy don’t I get everythingWhich I’d been dreaming That latest smartphoneThat beautiful dressThat ideal vacationThe desired success. Just then a kid came close to meAsked me to buy a balloon of hisHis age looked nearly same as mineBut his appearance could easily defineThe battles he fought, the life he ledTheContinue reading “Diary of a kid”

We are judgemental

Many people have complaints that the society is very judgmental, their every action is being looked at and speculated upon, which although could be true in some cases, but is mere a figment of their perception in most of the cases. Actually, we often judge ourselves for our every action be it on a trivialContinue reading “We are judgemental”

Is optimism over-rated?

One must have felt at some point in one’s life that optimism cannot be the solution and you cannot remain positive all the time. Especially, in this agonising period of coronavirus, this feeling is quite relatable. If people are themselves in pain or are a witness to the woes of their loved ones, how theyContinue reading “Is optimism over-rated?”

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