Life is too short to regret,

Come forward and let’s introspect.

Latest from the Blog

Unquenched thirst

What am I doing with my life,Have I achieved what I’d aspired,Squandering my time,Wandering without aim,I’m unable to keep alive my flame. I’ve myself created a barricade,Breaking it needs some aid,The person who can do this helpIs me only, I know very well. Why does it happen time and again,Going two steps ahead then retracingContinue reading “Unquenched thirst”

Loving the journey

We always have big fancy imagination of our future. We are always concerned about the end result. We stress ourselves , take part in rat-race, fell into depression just for the dream of a comfortable life in the end. But, rarely do we realise that while doing so we are always inching towards our end.Continue reading “Loving the journey”


I am now a strange me, Unthinkful of what changed me, That old enthusiasm,that zeal to learn, All seems lost in a bushy fern, That desire to be par excellence, That dream to inspire with my achievements, Everything seems blurred, Old imaginations marred, Was I never the one I thought I was? Is this theContinue reading “Realisation”

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